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facial/brow waxing              


Warm waxing is an ideal semi-permanent method of hair removal. Large areas of unwanted hair can be removed quickly in one session, providing instant results. Waxing is a relatively inexpensive  way to  ensure hair free  zones of the body for long periods, ideal for summer holidays removing the need to shave or pluck.

Regular treatment thins the hair growth considerably. The regrowth that does appear after a month or so consists of newly grown hairs with a fine ended, soft texture.


In the salon we offer facial waxing, this includes brows, upper lip, sides of the face and chin.


Immediately after waxing the skin is treated with a cooling, soothing lotion to help prevent any infection. The skin should be kept extremely clean and no other product should be applied for the rest of the day. There is usually a pink heat reaction to the follicles which gradually subsides over the next few hours. Skin feels hair free and smooth for the next few weeks.


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