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Nail Extensions               

Liquid and powder or Acrylic nail extensions are a strong thin nail extension type that is built on top of and extending beyond the tip of the natural nail.
This type of nail has been around for a lot of years and was developed using dentistry polymers and acrylic esters.
These nails can be formed using a foil platform which is placed under the natural free edge of the nail allowing the pliable paste to extend onto it, as the paste sets hard, the foil is discarded.
They can also be created on top of a plastic nail tip which is firstly glued onto the natural nail, often the only choice if natural nails are short.
The extensions can be created with a white tip, curved or square shaped at the tip, short and neat, very long or any length the client chooses.
Lifestyle factors need to be considered when deciding on how long to have them.
An important consideration when deciding whether to have a set of nails is the fact that regular maintenance appointments have to be scheduled, as the natural nails keep growing under the extension. This causes a small gap to appear at the base of the natural nail, if left the weight of the extension material would become too much for the end of the natural nail and could cause painful trauma to the nail. Therefore fortnightly infills have to be scheduled or the nails soaked off in acetone, a very long, difficult procedure.
These nails are very thin and strong and as long as MMA (see news article) isn't used as the monomer and strict  hygiene procedures are followed, can remain looking long and last many week


Nail Repair

When a nail breaks, acrylic, gel or fibreglass products can be utilised to repair even very serious breaks, the nail is then painted with varnish and looks identical to the unbroken nails.

We no longer offer sets of Nail Extensions in the salon in Ullapool.

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